The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry

A cold, my teeth, and I need medicine

It’s a video.

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Foiled again

New research proves I must find a different medicine. אַזוי, I need to do more research while homeless. פּלוס, I explain a potential cause of my medical condition.

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A treatment

Kneeling and begging

I want to do a treatment that has two phases. If it is successful, the possible outcomes range from my symptoms are permanently reduced to I am cured of everything, including my gastrointestinal problems. The first phase takes 9 צו 11 טעג. It is the most difficult, and if I don’t have an improvement, the . ..

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2018, review the numbers

קאַמף דער מאַכט. הונטער האָגאַן ביי

357 days so far in 2018. US$4325.47 total received from friends and family so far in 2018. US$11.53 per day for medicines. $4116.21 If I always had all my medicines through day 357 פון 2018, which is impossible. דעריבער, I must have been without multiple medicines for extended periods, which impeded healing and reduced my . ..

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One roll of toilet paper

Toilet paper

What can you buy for 33 cents?

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33 cents

Pile of pennies

What can you buy for less than 33 cents?

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Can you help troubleshoot this email problem ASAP?

This is a fucking catastrophe.

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Begging everyday

Beg every day or die: humiliating.

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I need time to find a cure; and I can save money if I can change my therapy plan

I can reduce my symptoms, eliminate some negative side effects, and lower my costs—if I can buy in bulk.

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א קאַנסייס רשימה פון מיין ילנאַסיז

רעצעפּט מעדיצין פלאַש

מיין מעדיציניש פּראָבלעמס דיסקרייבד מיט בעערעך 100 ווערטער.

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