The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry

I hope my father, און האָגאַן, has a financial incentive for my death (part 2)


מיין טאטע, Dan Hogan’s, behavior is easier to understand if he receives a pot of gold when I die.

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How my father, און האָגאַן, could profit from my death (part 1)


It would be simple for Dan Hogan to profit from my death.

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Food is twice as expensive

הונטער האָגאַן

Being too poor to sleep inside still costs money.

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An unintended experiment reinforced the hypo-dopamine diagnosis

Neuron synapse

By running out of alprazolam, I unintentionally found more evidence that some symptoms are due to low dopamine activation.

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Note to self—from six years ago

Notepad and pencil

I found a six-year-old document in which, I evaluated my situation and options at the time. It is interesting to see what has changed and what has not changed.

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What bupropion has done for me


An example of a symptom I have when I don’t take bupropion.

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Just the facts


I have been sleeping inside in a quiet and safe place, but everything will change in three days.

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די שרעקלעך אַקשאַנז פון פּראַסיקיוטערז


פּראָסעקוטאָרס קעסיידער זידלען זייער מאַכט, און אַז זאָל טוישן.

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HYPO-דאָפּאַמינע קרענק

Neuron synapse

א נייַ מעדיצין איז ימפּרוווינג מיין סימפּטאָמס.

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עוסאָסיאַל ווס געזעלשאַפטלעך (closed captions)


אַנץ און יומאַנז.

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