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I can’t eat because of symptoms because I don’t have medicine because I don’t have money

Hunter Hogan

In sitting in front of food. I’m hungry. I know I need calories. But my stomach is in pain and I’m nauseated and if I eat anything, I will have a lot more pain throughout my gastrointestinal tract for many hours. I’ve taken what few medicines I have that can help this situation. To go . . .

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Suicide is the rational choice

I have curable illness. I’m homeless. I want to work but I can’t. I’m in pain every day. I can’t get enough support to mitigate the pain. I can’t get enough support to end my homelessness. I can’t get enough support to cure my illness. I’ve asked for help for six years, but I can’t . . .

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“If you feel suicidal, ask for help,” is a massive fraud

Fraud alert stamp

Suicide prevention is a fraud.

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Your suicide prevention hashtag and suicide hotline are killing people

No credible study has found evidence that a suicide hotline reduces the overall suicide rate. In fact, some scientific studies have found that suicide hotlines increase the suicide rate.Do something useful: donate. Do something useful: tell other people to donate. Stop harming people by spreading lies about suicide hotlines.

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