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How food prevents me from healing

Burger and fries

I must spend excessive time and energy on eating.

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The budget


I wish I didn’t have to waste so much time every week writing posts begging for permission to live.

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What day is it? It’s Crisis Saturday! Yeah!

Hunter Hogan

I have temporary shelter and food. I have many of my medicines. But I still have a crisis.

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Therapeutic plan introduction

Neuron synapse

Until recently, it was impossible for any doctor to cure me.

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It takes money to make money

Benzodiazepine molecule

I made excellent progress today towards healing and financial independence, but now I don’t have enough money for food and medicine.

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Medicine and a museum

Rodin, The Kiss

With a friend’s help, I was able to get some medicine. With the help of the medicine, I was able to have a few hours of normal life.

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A plan that is not a plan

Yin, yang

Based on recent experiences, it is plausible that I could reduce my stress in the next 45 days–but I only have 10 days of money left.

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Survival status: some good news

2 Euro coin

A little more financial help came at the perfect time.

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Rise of the panic disorder

Fight the power. Hunter Hogan at

My panic disorder seems to be severe enough that it eclipses even my serotonin withdrawal syndrome.

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Serotonin withdrawal syndrome update, and meditation as coping

Fight the power. Hunter Hogan at

For completeness, not because I think it affects anyone other than myself, an update on my serotonin withdrawal syndrome. The vertigo changes in intensity: sometimes it is mild enough that I ignore it, other times it so severe that I have trouble walking. I have acclimated to the ringing in my ears. It is part . . .

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