Healthcare is a right

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Underwear. My domain name. Phone service. My passport. Hostel travelers & coronavirus. Rationing medicines. 和谐

I’m fucked. It will get worse. You know, life as usual.

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Irritability-cycle in real time. Life-saving medicine, food OR shelter?

Follow me as I choose which medicines I can afford, whether or not I can eat, and when I will sleep on the street and risk my safety.

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The difficulties of owning things

Poverty and homelessness affect what I can buy and reduce the life span of things I own.

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Making money through pendulum wave demonstrations

I made money demonstrating a low-quality pendulum wave.

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My behavior

If you don’t like my interpersonal behavior, then you have a problem, not I.

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You are ashamed to be associated with me

Hunter Hogan after being attacked

You broke the social contract.

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My father, Dan Hogan, probably has a cognitive defect

Whether he has a cognitive defect or he is simply a horrible person, it is unrealistic for us to believe he will support my recovery.

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Income opportunity


Today, an opportunity to become self-sufficient again unexpectedly appeared.

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The cure is cheaper than the illness

Supporting my recovery is less expensive than supporting my suffering.

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Why do I help people who try to rob me?

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