Healthcare is a right

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Electronic Frontier Foundation declined to help

There is no law. There is only power. There are no facts. There are only fiats.

I asked the EFF to help me expose the ARDC’s illegal invasion of the privacy of 900 people.

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Hundreds of my ideas shared; trying to write about a major issue

Over the past month, I have shared hundreds of my ideas ranging from physics to climate change to computing to business to law to labor to domestic violence to social reform to photography. The ideas I shared were only the ideas that I already had written in a format that was easy to convert to . . .

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The six things I could never do without


My answer to the essay prompt “The six things I could never do without” has changed over the last four years. One of the few benefits to the extreme changes in my life is that I have significant evidence that my most recent answer is accurate.

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My total loss of hope

Tibetan child

One of my first attempts to explain why I lost all of my hope by March 2012–not most of my hope: all of my hope.

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