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Getting through 23 September 2019

A log of Monday 23 September 2019.

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Zero everything.

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Monday money

One month of: (Mexican pesos) Lorazepam $713 Alprazolam $595 L-Tryptophan $203 Modafinil $1,194 Venlafaxine $254 Loratadine $32 Phone and internet $150 One week of: This hostel. I need a place to sleep that is better. But this place is $1,281. Food. $1,526. Zero days of: Bupropion $1,734, discontinuing use again because of severe side effects. . . .

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The Monday money-crisis

I need to buy medicines, food, shelter, and more.

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Things I might buy if I had some money


Stuff I need.

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For your entertainment

Fight the power. Hunter Hogan at

I don’t understand why you enjoy reading and watching my suffering. I especially don’t understand why you think you shouldn’t pay for this entertainment. MXN$1314 cash + US$35.26 PayPal = MXN$1970 – $714 modafinil – 2 * $289 bupropion – $144.50 25% discount = $820.50 – $281.04 * .75 amino acids with 25% discount = . . .

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Watch medicines reduce the symptoms, day 1

Hunter Hogan

I unexpectedly have money to buy coping medicines, and I documented the reduction of symptoms.

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The cure is cheaper than the illness

Supporting my recovery is less expensive than supporting my suffering.

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Daily cost, no electricity & leprechauns

Pot of gold

To stay alive, I need US$9.70 per day for medicine. I need more if I am to heal and be able to work.

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I need time to find a cure; and I can save money if I can change my therapy plan

I can reduce my symptoms, eliminate some negative side effects, and lower my costs—if I can buy in bulk.

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