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A story of sour soup

I paid more for this soup than I have paid for any food, but I was not able eat it.

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I have shelter, food & most things I need

Box of food

I have almost everything I need to reduce my symptoms, earn some money, and start the path to recovery.

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Hypo-Dopamine disease

Neuron synapse

A new medicine is improving my symptoms.

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Street begging for medicine

I don’t have enough resources to make a long-term plan, so I am starting with the absolute necessities. For me, that means four things.

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Bare-bones budget: three-month plan to recovery

A Spartan, three-month plan for my recovery.

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Robbed, again

Hunter Hogan after being attacked

My computer was stolen. My health is grave. Without more support, I will die.

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UK Border Agency caused panic disorder so severe that I was willing to do anything to end my incarceration

The UK Border Agency caused me to have panic disorder that was so severe that I did not care about my asylum application or anything other than getting out of detention and stopping the panic attacks.

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Maslow was right: hunger and thirst trump all

Fight the power. Hunter Hogan at

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is brilliant, and one of the more brilliant things is what is not in his hierarchy: survival. The sum of many needs is survival, but survival itself is not a need. This is prescient because he did his research years before Watson and Crick discovered how genes are inherited and many . . .

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Archive: How to help me improve my future

Tweets by @hunterhogan This page lacks cohesion, which is exactly why it exists. I want to heal and build a new life, and this page describes some of the obstacles I face and how you can help me overcome those obstacles. The lack of cohesion in the page, and why the page is a mishmash, . . .

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