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Someone tried to kill me, but that’s not important


My phone was stolen from my hands, but why the fuck would the police of you care? I’m less important than the criminals.

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How a sexual predator hurts a vulnerable person


Sexual predators exploit vulnerable people.

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Extortion by Facebook; hopelessness; suicidal thoughts increasing

Facebook wants me to pay them to communicate with you. My life is horrible.

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Hunter Hogan after being attacked

My health and life are broken. I am facing a serious health crisis.

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My master to do list

To give you an idea of the things I am thinking about and working on, here is my to do list. Addresses and money issues Change PayPal address Change Google AdSense payment method Change other addresses Photocopy and photograph all identification documents Birth certificate Social Security card Passport Name change order Mexican entry document Trade, . . .

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With your help, I am hitchhiking to Palenque

Fight the power. Hunter Hogan at

Snippets of information about many things that have happened recently: many challenges, but generally positive.

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Therapy of the wilderness

"Bambi (2729601564)" by Roberto Ferrari from Campogalliano (Modena), Italy - BambiUploaded by russavia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

[Note: I wrote the following on 18 February 2015 after thinking about the contents for two weeks. I did not finish the first draft, including at least two more sections “Good, but unintended, side effects” and a section discussing my recently-expanded support network, specific things people have done to help me, why they volunteered to . . .

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Electronic Frontier Foundation declined to help

There is no law. There is only power. There are no facts. There are only fiats.

I asked the EFF to help me expose the ARDC’s illegal invasion of the privacy of 900 people.

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Category as subdomain


Use Google Chrome’s analysis tools to troubleshoot problems.

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Need to edit htaccess while moving on WordPress


How to use .htaccess and RewriteRule to bulk redirect posts after migrating to WordPress.

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