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Sounding the alarm

[On my YouTube channel, I have been using the microblogging feature. The following is a copy-and-paste of my most recent post there. If you subscribe to my channel and click the bell icon, YouTube will notify you when I post something new there.] ArcGIS app-development knowledge? Android app developer? Both?! Epidemiologist? Actuary? Email me, please. . . .

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I’m sick. Coronavirus? I’m too poor to self-quarantine.

I have flu-like symptoms, and I want to self-quarantine, but I don’t have enough money.

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A 2% chance to avoid hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 deaths

What does math tell us about the potential deaths from the coronavirus?

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Underwear. My domain name. Phone service. My passport. Hostel travelers & coronavirus. Rationing medicines. 和谐

I’m fucked. It will get worse. You know, life as usual.

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