Healthcare is a right

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The Monday money-crisis

I need to buy medicines, food, shelter, and more.

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I’m still in despair

Life can always get worse.

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I’m trying to make money by building a pendulum wave

I’m trying to make money.

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A few numbers about my life

Numbers. There’s no grand narrative, but there’s numbers.

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Reversal of fortune: I’m working with a doctor!

I’m now working with a doctor who researches the medical conditions I have.

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The path to self-sufficiency

I have a clear path to self-sufficiency.

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I have medicine, now I need shelter

Having coping medicines is a great improvement. With your support, I won’t sleep on the street tomorrow.

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Why I was able to accomplish many things today

People helping a person

I completed tasks, bought medicine, bought food, and developed business leads. How?
You can support my recovery.

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Watch some good medicines reducing the symptoms, day 3

More adventures as the symptoms decrease.

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Day 2: Watch medicines reduce the symptoms

Hunter Hogan

Watch the process of buying the essential medicines I need and see how they affect me.

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