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Dogs are better than people

Dogs rule. People suck.

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One week

I’m scared.

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I live a dangerous life (part 3)

Hunter Hogan after being attacked

I am constantly in danger of harm or death.

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Why I can’t speak frankly about my life or my feelings


I guess I am a coward.

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I bought a tent, so I guess this is real

Coleman tent

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately.”

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I “unfriended” people because I am greedy and I hate advice

Did I unfriend people because I was angry at them?

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UK Border Agency caused panic disorder so severe that I was willing to do anything to end my incarceration

The UK Border Agency caused me to have panic disorder that was so severe that I did not care about my asylum application or anything other than getting out of detention and stopping the panic attacks.

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Unfinished letter to UK Border Agency about my untreated medical conditions

I was so disabled by the panic attacks caused by my illegal jailing that I could not even finish writing a letter.

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Complaint to the Independent Monitoring Boards about the UK Border Agency and Geo Group refusing to treat my medical conditions

The government illegally refused to treat my medical conditions and I tried to get help through the IMB–it failed.

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United Kingdom Home Office, Border Agency, Asylum Procedures under Fast Track and Non-Suspensive Appeals

The document the UK government gave me when they told me that they would not use the Certify Refused option of Fast Track.

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