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Hypo-Dopamine disease

Neuron synapse

A new medicine is improving my symptoms.

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It’s biology

My illness is similar to diabetes or meningitis. I’ve run out of money, so I am sleeping on the streets again.

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5HT2A desensitization

“Depression” and “anxiety” are symptoms of my diseases: too few 5HT2A receptors and low dopamine activation.

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I’m suicidal, dirt poor, and asking for help: what will you do?

Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain killed themselves.Everyone says, “Ask for help. You are not alone!” I need help, I am alone, and I feel suicidal: you say I am lying.

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I’ll pay you to help me

DualDonate symbol

I will pay you to create fundraisers for organizations that you love.

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Why I can’t speak frankly about my life or my feelings

I guess I am a coward.

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Fundraiser—prove psilocybin and MDMA are medicine

A person helping another person climb a steep hill

You can help prove that psilocybin and MDMA are medicines by supporting my recovery from depression, anxiety, and disability.

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A new (minor-ish) problem; and will you donate your TIME?

Notepad and pencil

If you will help me write and publish (online), I can get the support I need to recover.

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Extortion by Facebook; hopelessness; suicidal thoughts increasing

Facebook wants me to pay them to communicate with you. My life is horrible.

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Is this why stress causes me to stop moving?

This video contains some science that is new to me, and I have a hypothesis for why stressful events often cause me to literally curl into a ball.

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