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My reaction to the new food stamp regulations

The new regulations are an example of how the United States “helps” me.

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The horrible actions of prosecutors


Prosecutors regularly abuse their power, and that should change.

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The most important lesson of the contemporary world: evidence

To understand why the contemporary world is full of unnecessary pain, remember that humans are incapable of evidence-based decision-making.

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Chinese Law, premature deaths, and a duty of mutual assistance

Professor Donald C. Clarke hypothesized that there is “a genuine social belief [in China] that deaths don’t just happen; someone needs to be held responsible.” I argue that his hypothesis is consistent with Chinese communitarian values and with Chinese law.

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Was Shelley v. Kraemer Incorrectly Decided? Some New Answers

Mark D. Rosen of Chicago-Kent College of Law recently published an article titled Was Shelley v. Kraemer Incorrectly Decided? Some New Answers, 95 Cal. L. Rev. 451 (2007), which won the 2006 Outstanding Scholarly Paper Award from the Association of American Law Schools. Professor Rosen is a Norman & Edna Freehling Scholar and respected constitutional . . .

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