The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry

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One roll of toilet paper

Toilet paper

What can you buy for 33 cents?

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Saturday sadness

Inventorying medicines, begging in the street, and begging online: five hours I could have used to improve my life instead of just survive.

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How a sexual predator hurts a vulnerable person


Sexual predators exploit vulnerable people.

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Dan Hogan to son: Obey me or suffer (part 4)


My father, Dan Hogan, is obsessed with making me obey him.

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I hope my father, Dan Hogan, has a financial incentive for my death (part 2)


My father, Dan Hogan’s, behavior is easier to understand if he receives a pot of gold when I die.

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How my father, Dan Hogan, could profit from my death (part 1)


It would be simple for Dan Hogan to profit from my death.

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Note to self—from six years ago

Notepad and pencil

I found a six-year-old document in which, I evaluated my situation and options at the time. It is interesting to see what has changed and what has not changed.

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The horrible actions of prosecutors


Prosecutors regularly abuse their power, and that should change.

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PTSD in 5 minutes: a great description of the medical disorder

TED Ed, The Psychology of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

I beg you to watch this concise video about PTSD. If society had a better understanding of PTSD, it could save lives.

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The most important lesson of the contemporary world: evidence

To understand why the contemporary world is full of unnecessary pain, remember that humans are incapable of evidence-based decision-making.

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