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The Not-So-Silver Lining: When Positive Thinking Backfires

Hundreds of people have explicitly or tacitly criticized me for not “thinking positively.”

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Fire, not sparks, a flame


Making fire caused change for millions of years.

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Saturday sadness

Inventorying medicines, begging in the street, and begging online: five hours I could have used to improve my life instead of just survive.

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I am auditioning for a new life

Hand with pen

I have two days to prove to six professors that they should hire me to edit their papers.

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How a sexual predator hurts a vulnerable person


Sexual predators exploit vulnerable people.

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Partial list of things I need

You can ignore this.

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Saturday inventory

Prescription medicine bottle

I inventory my medicine every Saturday.

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The horrible actions of prosecutors


Prosecutors regularly abuse their power, and that should change.

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I’m suicidal, dirt poor, and asking for help: what will you do?

Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain killed themselves.Everyone says, “Ask for help. You are not alone!” I need help, I am alone, and I feel suicidal: you say I am lying.

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Comedic tragedy

Maggots can be funny.

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