bora kuweka mipango ya panya na wanaume kwenda mara nyingi awry

Therapeutic plan introduction

neuron sinepsi

Until recently, it was impossible for any doctor to cure me.

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kukata tamaa

Hunter Hogan

Recent events.

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The surprising link between stress and memory

The surprising link between stress and memory

This short video about some body parts and biological processes is more interesting to watch than reading technical explanations of the same knowledge.

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More begging

Begging for medicine, tena.

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More crisis

Kneeling and begging

hakuna dawa.

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Jumamosi hesabu

Prescription medicine bottle

I hesabu dawa yangu kila Jumamosi.

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Dan Hogan to son: Obey me or suffer (part 4)


Baba yangu, dan Hogan, is obsessed with making me obey him.

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Buy food or medicine? Or ration my medicine?

"EffexorXR 75and150mg" by Parhamr - Own work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -

I must buy four medicines.

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I live a dangerous life (part 3)

Hunter Hogan baada ya kushambuliwa

I am constantly in danger of harm or death.

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I hope my father, dan Hogan, has a financial incentive for my death (part 2)


Baba yangu, Dan Hogan’s, behavior is easier to understand if he receives a pot of gold when I die.

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