Survival status: bleak

I have not had enough improvement. I do not know how I am still standing.

  1. Lodging through 10 ڊسمبر 2014
  2. About US$90 cash and PayPal
  3. دوائون:
    1. Do not have:
      1. Aspirin or anything to deal with headaches and pain
      2. Modafinil
      3. Alprazolam
      4. مخالف بواسير
    2. Venlafaxine: three doses of 75mg left. I should take 150mg per day, but I cut my dosage in half to delay serotonin withdrawal syndrome.
    3. Diazepam: 10mg left, 15mg per day is normal, but I have not taken any for many days, so I might as well have none.
  4. Writing about my dad, دان Hogan, was emotionally painful but necessary. I have had a raging headache for over 30 ڪلاڪ–and no medicine to treat it.
  5. As an indicator of my will power and mood: for the first two months here, my bathing was regular. But I have not taken a shower in a week. I want one, but I keep working on other things insteadtrying to survive.
  6. No progress on banner ads.
  7. The list of things I need to work through is insanely long: I am certainly not going to resolve the events of the last five years during the next seventeen days.
  8. Still fixing things on my website, including things that GoDaddy broke. (منهنجي .htaccess file, bastards.)

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