More begging

Another Saturday inventory. I ran out of bupropion (Anfebutamona) a couple of days ago and my symptoms are already worse. I ran out of modafinil (Modiodal) yesterday, and today, my symptoms make it very hard to do anything.

My problems:

  1. 5HT2A desensitization.
  2. گھٽ dopaminergic سرگرمي.
  3. Hyperactive amygdala.
  4. Dysfunctional DMN (ھونئن موڊ نيٽ ورڪ).

Those biological issues manifest as symptoms we often call depression, ڏڪي, PTSD, or panic disorder.

Will you help?

It just started raining. That will make it much harder to beg on the street. Fuck my life.

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