WordPress plug-ins: ideas to speed up WordPress

  1. Ability to generate static files instead of always making dynamic calls (W3 Super Cache allegedly does this, but it always locks up my installation of WordPress)
  2. Ability to mark pages as relatively static so that they can be cached more frequently than their group is normally cachedincreasing caching time at all levels
  3. TinyPNG plug-in
      1. Why not TinyPNG?
      2. Why is it a banned plug-in on that one host? (Intensive resource usage?)
      3. Why does P3 say it is a resource hog?
    1. https://wordpress.org/plugins/compress-png-for-wp/
  4. Hardcode a theme
    1. Make a copy of the theme
    2. In the copy, options to replace many things such as meta/charset and blog title
    3. Ability to hardcode plug-ins
    4. When themes and plug-ins are updates, would need to rerun the hardcode routine
  5. Pre-fetch JavaScript and CSS from third parties and combine and minify into one file and serve from my domain
    1. Need to check for changes on a regular basis
    2. All plug-ins I have tried have failed because they break my theme, plug-ins, or installation
  6. When creating a post, ability to put content that hooks to get_header, get_footer, and possibly other hooks. This likely exists somewhere because it is so similar to adding text to a Widget.
  7. Charset and mimetype of each file on the server
    1. Scan the file for the charset and/or mimetype
    2. Allow individual or batch conversion of charsets for files. مثال طور, allow all text files to be rewritten to UTF-8 w/o BOM
    3. Calculate the applied server rules for each file
      1. Inspect server config file such as
        1. httpd.conf
        2. .htaccess
        3. php.ini
        4. WordPress config files
      2. Calculate the resulting settings, such as
        1. Gzip
        2. Server caching
        3. Browser caching
        4. Whether the charset is defined in the http header (correct term?)
  8. Detect mod_pagespeed and configure it if possible

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