When I was 8 years old, I gave my father, دان Hogan, a dictionary: he looked upmanipulative

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موضوع: ها, the offer ….

ها, the offer still stands today and it will be there for you tomorrow.

You can have shelter and medical support. It is just a matter of saying yes and talking with me and planning with me how you and I will work together to do it.

You don’t have the ability, بلڪل هاڻي, to give yourself those things. I do. It is not true that you “do not need” those things right now. You do. مون اوھان کي مدد ڏين. مهرباني ڪري. You don’t have to isolate yourself. You can get help … i.e. کاڌو, دوا, پناهه, حمايت.

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