The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry

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Watch medicines reduce the symptoms, day 1

شينھن Hogan

I unexpectedly have money to buy coping medicines, and I documented the reduction of symptoms.

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Self harm

Utility knife blades

پئسا ناهن. What am I supposed to do?

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Watch a symptom

Person yawning

When I have excessive stress biochemicals, my body forces me to sleep.

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You are ashamed to be associated with me

جوٽي کان پوء نبي سوهو Hogan

You broke the social contract.

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I have US$50, what should I buy?

دوائون, کاڌو, or safety?

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ATM fees: poverty is expensive

پئسا ناهن

I pay US$1.50 to PayPal every time I use an ATM. I must pay a fee, usually about US$1.50, to the local bank to use their ATM. تنهن ڪري, I save money if I withdraw larger amounts infrequently. This hotel only accepts cash, I need to pay for tonight, I don’t have cash, so I must . ..

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The next improvement: coping medicines to reduce symptoms and increase productivity

With coping medicines, I can work on healing and making money.

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How food prevents me from healing

Burger and fries

I must spend excessive time and energy on eating.

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If you feel suicidal, ask for help,” is a massive fraud

Fraud alert stamp

Suicide prevention is a fraud.

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I have slept but I am still tired

You can support my recovery.

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