The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry

Local help (I hope)

Cut finger

Three steps to healing.

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The cure is cheaper than the illness

Supporting my recovery is less expensive than supporting my suffering.

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Why do I help people who try to rob me?

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The budget


I wish I didn’t have to waste so much time every week writing posts begging for permission to live.

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۽ فنڊنگ

Fight the power. Hunter Hogan at

آخري ۾ 26 ڪلاڪ, مون کي گهڻو وڌيو نه ڪيو آهي. مون کي مون کي سگهي ٿو ته جيئن جيئن گهڻو slept, پر مون کي nightmares پيو, منهنجي ڳچيء ۾ ڏکائي, ۽ مون کي سڀ کان مٿي ترتيب جي itchy محسوس. مون کي هڪ عمارت کي ايندڙ جي زمين تي سمهڻ وارو آهيان ۽ ٿورا منٽ اڳ, a guy tried to steal my phone from my . ..

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Better symptoms, cleaner, but nothing is free

Some good things, a potentially great contact, I smell pretty, and the cost.

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Daily cost, no electricity & leprechauns

Pot of gold

To stay alive, I need US$9.70 per day for medicine. I need more if I am to heal and be able to work.

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Therapeutic protocols, three versions: homeless, amateur & professional

Four doctors, three options, two new medicines, and one leprechaun.

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A cold, my teeth, and I need medicine

It’s a video.

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Foiled again

New research proves I must find a different medicine. پوء, I need to do more research while homeless. گڏوگڏ, I explain a potential cause of my medical condition.

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