The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry

Street begging for medicine

I don’t have enough resources to make a long-term plan, so I am starting with the absolute necessities. For me, that means four things.

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It’s biology

My illness is similar to diabetes or meningitis. I’ve run out of money, so I am sleeping on the streets again.

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5HT2A desensitization

Kneeling and begging

“Depression” and “anxiety” are symptoms of my diseases: too few 5HT2A receptors and low dopamine activation.

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PTSD in 5 minutes: a great description of the medical disorder

TED Ed, The Psychology of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

I beg you to watch this concise video about PTSD. If society had a better understanding of PTSD, it could save lives.

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A person helping another person climb a steep hill

Support my survival needs of shelter, safety, medicine, and food. And help support my recovery and return to self-sufficiency.

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Dan Hogan, hero, super Christian, champion of A Course in Miracles

Dan Hogan

Do you remember when Jesus said, “Love your family if you can control them?” In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said to heal the sick and give shelter to the homeless—but only if you can control the person, right? “If I need housing…” I am unambiguously homeless. Dan Hogan named his company Lord & . . .

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You’ve got money

Fight the power. Hunter Hogan at

I’m homeless. I’m impoverished. I was attacked by six people, three days ago, and they broke my right arm and it is still untreated. Below, is how my father, Dan Hogan, Christian, replies. Hunter Hogan, you received $50.00 USD Hello, Hunter Hogan Lord & Hogan LLC sent you $50.00 USD Note from Lord & Hogan . . .

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Broken arm: Poverty is dangerous

Six people attacked me and broke my arm.

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I’m suicidal, dirt poor, and asking for help: what will you do?

Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain killed themselves.Everyone says, “Ask for help. You are not alone!” I need help, I am alone, and I feel suicidal: you say I am lying.

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Comedic tragedy

Maggots can be funny.

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