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Posted: 14 September 2008
Updated: 16 January 2015

About Hunter Hogan

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I started this website in early 2001 to share my views on minimalist web design. With the notable exception of Google, minimalism never became popular, and when I grew tired of swimming against the tide, I stopped writing about it.

In the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq, I felt that by not actively opposing the war that I was tacitly supporting the war. Writing about the war, the political process, and history crystallized my interests in philosophy, political science, and law. I originally wrote “articles”, but it was too time consuming to maintain. Blogging is much easier, and I use Blogger for all new content. Unfortunately, the new content fractures the information architecture of the website, and I am not inclined to convert the old content merely to fix the hierarchy.

In May 2008, I graduated from Chicago-Kent College of Law. Before law school, I worked as a teacher, web designer, stock trader, interior decorator, and professional card player.

While in law school, I launched Chicago-Kent’s Legal Blog. Despite being a blog, most of the posts tend to be academic. Legal nerds might rejoice, while all others will be bored.

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