What if I drank a bottle of tequila?

I have spent hundreds of hours of effort trying to get psilocybin mushrooms, but because I asked one question of one person and because of luck, I was able to acquire four doses of derrumbes and five doses of San Isidro. I was literally stunned: I had trouble figuring out what to do with my treasure.

Knowing that a standard dose would probably not affect me, I took two doses of derrumbes two days ago. They had absolutely no affect on me. Today, I inspected the five doses of San Isidro. They were certainly the correct species, and each dose was at least 120% of a standard dose. Combined, they were at least six times the amount necessary for someone to experience hallucinations.

I ate all of them: six times the typical dose. (Do not worry: psilocybin cannot kill.) I started my stopwatch because all of the scientific literature (and the non-scientific literature) says I will feel the effect start somewhere between 20 and 60 minutes after ingestion. After 20 minutes, nothing had changed. After 60 minutes, I tried some field sobriety tests I learned when I was a prosecutor. I was completely sober. After 90 minutes, I gave up.

Imagine drinking one litre of tequila and not feeling drunk or sick or anything other than a lack of thirst. If that happened to you four consecutive times, would you conclude that your body was abnormal? Because the mushrooms do not cause me to hallucinate, we know that something about my biology is seriously abnormal. I have not read anything similar to my experience in the scientific literature (or in the “shroom” community). Therefore, I am not yet sure how to use this information to heal my body. However, because the experience is so extreme, it will almost certainly be extremely enlightening—when I find the right resource.

I am in a new town. I have not yet found a place to camp. But, I could earn an income here because of the crazy luck of meeting three different people. To start this business, I would need a few hundred dollars to buy some supplies—and medicine and food and housing until the income starts. Even if I cannot start this business, I need to eat, and I have US$20.82 and MXN$1577. (I would like to buy vitamin B and other medicines that help my symptoms, too.) Please, help. PayPal: [email protected]

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