千里之行, 始于足下

Posted: 16 June 2016
Updated: 09 May 2017

Transform a life, transform the world

The good news is that with the help of incredible old friends, wonderful new friends, and fantastic strangers, I have rebounded from the theft of everything I own in November 2015, the six-year-long slow and steady decline of my life has leveled off, and I seem to be on the cusp of a major, positive transformation.

The bad news is that I still have severe symptoms from depression, generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, and panic disorder. My symptoms cause me to withdraw from social interaction, have decision paralysis, or to have strong, negative emotional reactions that distract me accomplishing tasks. I am happy that my symptoms never include addiction, breaks from reality, or any form of violence. My symptoms still prevent my from having a normal life, so I am still homeless, living out of my backpack, and unable to work a regular job.

The good news is that I can heal. If the virtuous cycle of my life continues, I will fully recover. These difficult years have taken almost everything from me, but they have not robbed me of my ideals and they have strengthened my resolve to use my life to making the world safer, healthier, more harmonious, and happier.

The virtuous cycle includes: with help and support from other people, my life becomes more stable, safer, or more secure; I have less stress; because I have less stress, the intensity of my symptoms decreases; I am able to accomplish more tasks that make my life more stable, safer, or more secure; I am able to spend more time working on psychological tasks and therapy that helps me to heal; I can more easily identify what changes would make my life more stable, safer, or more secure; and the cycle repeats as my friends and some strangers support me with their knowledge, their time, their kind words, and acquiring the things I need to survive, such as food and medicine.

I am blessed that about seven people currently send me a little cash each week.

The bad news is that the amount I receive is less that I need to survive. My costs are extremely low because I live on the streets, I live in inexpensive countries, such as Mexico and Guatemala, I try to buy cheap food, (I do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes), and I only buy something when it is essential. Because of my symptoms, I must buy medicine to reduce their effects on my life, however, and with four severe health conditions, I often spend more on medicine than I spend on food.

The good news is that because I live in inexpensive countries, every dollar is extremely valuable to me. If you were willing to sacrifice purchasing one 2-liter bottle of soda each week and instead send that money to me, you would be giving me a huge boost in the virtuous cycle that will allow me to heal.

Below are multiple options for helping me financially. I sincerely thank you for supporting my transformation from living on the streets while suffering from multiple health problems to a healthy life devoted to changes that will benefit you, your family, your friends, and the rest of the world.

Recurring support through PayPal

Recurring amounts help me to plan ahead and give me a sense of food security. If you happen to have Dwolla, and using Dwolla would not be an inconvenience for you, the recurring feature in Dwolla is better for me because the fees are substantially less than PayPal’s fees. My account email is

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One-time support through multiple options

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