Too sick to heal

In short: no medicine and no food; my body hurts and my symptoms are unchecked; eviction tomorrow.

In years past, mushrooms started growing in May. But because of climate change, this year has been warmer and wetter in March and April than in years past. It is possible that mushrooms are growing already, but it’s nearly certain they will start within one month. I have not had the strength to go searching because I don’t have enough food or medicine.

A few days ago, I asked for additional help: test a form on my website. Not one additional person helped. Dozens of people read my request. If not you, who?

If I had US$2941, I could spend three months completely focused on healing. I would have enough money for shelter, food, and medicine. I would have enough time to get psilocybin to cure my illnesses. If I have less than that, I must spend time trying to make money. If I were not sick, I could easily make money teaching English, sharpening knives, or doing many other things. But, I am too sick to make money.

I’ll be evicted tomorrow. My food costs will increase because I won’t be able to buy in bulk. I will have to abandon many items. I’m out of most medicines. To pay rent, buy one month of food, and buy one month of medicine, I need at least MXN$8640 (US$385.75) by tomorrow. If I don’t have that much, I must prioritize medicine over food over shelter. In the long run, that is more expensive, but having shelter is useless if I don’t have food and if my symptoms are so strong that I want to kill myself. Poverty is expensive.

I was trying to use the website form (mentioned above) because it was a fundraising goal tool and I had planned to use it to set a goal. When the goal had been met, I had planned to “reward” the goal or “work” for the money by writing one or more posts about things people have requested, such as things I have learned about survival, living outdoors, packing, or this secret recipe. I had to abandon that plan because I couldn’t get the form working.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

I don’t want to continue to live in poverty and sickness: it’s a nightmare. I cancelled all recurring payments many months ago. Below, I created a recurring payment that ends after three months because I don’t want indefinite support: I want to heal and to end my poverty. I need my life to change.

The equivalent of

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