To Chiapas, no really, I mean it this time

On 8 March 2015, I posted, “If this is posted I am already on my way [to Palenque, Chiapas] and off the internet.” Funny story here. Well, whatever. I wrote the post, then scheduled it to post four hours later. An hour after that, I delayed the post again because I was not ready. Then my depression symptoms got so bad that I did not leave and I did not delay the post. I logged in to delay the post about 30 minutes too late.

Hunter Hogan at the Giza Pyramids

Nevertheless, good things happened. With the help of my sister, I sold my camera. I recovered from my unusually bad symptoms. I did some excellent research on some issues. I found a potential solution for trimming my beard because if I do not trim it, then it looks as if I have a furry animal glued to my chin and it is hot and itchy.

Today, a couple of guys from Chiapas are driving back to Chiapas, and I am going to ride with them. This works out quite well for me because I still have unresolved anxiety or fear about hitchhiking. This is an intermediate step that might help me get over that problem. And it will get me closer to Guatemala.

I am using Facebook again, so friends can add me if they want.

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