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Posted: 26 May 2019
Updated: 26 May 2019

The Not-So-Silver Lining: When Positive Thinking Backfires

Hundreds of people have explicitly or tacitly criticized me for not “thinking positively.” Most of those people claimed they were not helping me because I did not conform to their demands to think positively. My family has been preaching this pseudoscience since before I was born. The video below talks about the actual science of these ideas.

Abandoning me because I am not conforming to your world view is cruel and irrational. Because people have refused to support me, I have had to throw in the trash most of the things I own and live in my car, less expensive countries, and the street. None of you have seen me for more than five years. None of you have seen the challenges I face. None of you have experienced my life. Yet, almost all of you believe you know what is good for me better than I know what is good for me. The fact that I don’t “think positive” is just one of the most common excuses people use to attack me and not support me. I should not need to produce scientific studies to support the stark facts of my life. I know more about my life than all of you combined.

Your belief that you understand my life and that you could possibly make good decisions about my life is arrogance. Your arrogance and your choice to abandon me has put my life at risk, almost gotten me killed multiple times, destroyed my health, and caused me years of suffering.

We can cure my illness and my poverty if you support my recovery.

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