The budget

PayPal US$42.38 + cash MXN$21 = MXN$805

Today: Loratadina $65. By suppressing mucus production, my GERD symptoms are reduced.

Tomorrow: Modiodal. $748. $805–748=$57

Breakfast and lunch, but no dinner.

Sat, 03.02.2019: Omeprazol. ≈$100. Two days without this and my stomach will hurt so much I can barely stand.

No food.

Sun, 03.03.2019: Venlafaxine. $289. 24 hours without this, I get serotonin withdrawal syndrome.

No food.

Mon, 03.04.2019: Amino acids. $326. Reduces my symptoms.

No food.

Tue, 03.05.2019: Bupropion. $289. Without this, I won’t get up or eat, especially without the other medicines.

No food.

I wish I didn’t have to waste so much time every week writing posts begging for permission to live. Support here.

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