Healthcare is a right

Posted: 23 July 2018
Updated: 09 August 2018

Street begging for medicine

Begging is humiliating for me, and street begging is more humiliating than begging online. But, desperate times call for desperate measures. I made a sign indicating which medicines I need, the cost, and the store. All three of the stores were on the same block, so if someone wanted to buy the medicine instead of giving me money, they could do that. I was able to acquire the medicines that are crossed out.

I misspelled “necesito” and I didn’t need to pluralize it.

The list is in order of priority. I have two days of vitamin B, but I am completely out of everything else. I calculate MXN$1338.70. Using the PayPal website, that converts to US$73.33, but it changes daily. I am trying a new system. This allows you to see how close to the goal we are. Click here to view and help.

I said in the last video that I was going “back to sleeping on the streets.” That is not accurate. I am physically weaker than two years ago. I have less equipment. I have damaged equipment. All of my clothes have holes in them, and three of my items were cut by the machetes. I have a broken arm that has not been properly treated. I was able to make money sharpening knives, but not now. Things are not the same.

I don’t have enough resources to make a long-term plan, so I am starting with the absolute necessities. For me, that means four things:

  1. Actual safety
  2. I feel safe
  3. The absence of stressful noises for two to three days at a time
  4. Survival medicines

Notice that food and water are not on this list. If I can achieve the above goals, then food and water become relevant.

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