Poverty is expensive: the cost to make my cure

My apartment doesn’t have a stove (or oven or refrigerator), so I use these stoves for cooking, making agar, and heating the pressure cooker.

Beverage-can stoves

I made each one from aluminum beverage cans, and they burn rubbing alcohol. Because they have different designs, one burns hotter than the other.

When I tried to make the agar, because I used these stoves instead of a real stove, I had two major problems. I bought a glass jar from a professional laboratory supply and it is allegedly autoclavable. (An autoclave produces high temperature and pressure.) But when I booked the agar in the jar, it cracked: probably from heat shock. By luck, the containers I picked for substrate came with four 200ml jars that are heat shock resistant, so I should have a good replacement, but I have not tried them yet.

1L substrate container

As I was heating the pressure cooker, the stove produced flames larger than it ever has produced. The flames damaged the rubber seal so the pot could not pressurize. I bought a new seal for MXN$81.

Pressure cooker

Time is money. Each day I lose to poverty (or symptoms) costs money in rent, food, and medicine. Just as poverty broke my pressure cooker, it spoiled my fruiting bodies and contaminated my spores.


Psilocybin can cure my health problems, so I am making it. I reviewed and updated everything. I simplified the tables.

Future costs

I want to (or must) lower the cost of the equipment I still need to buy. I added a column to indicate items I intend to review and what about them I want to investigate.

Food dehydrator$2,000.00OptionsNeedModerateAir drying is not an option
Fruiting bags, 2$200.00PriceNeedGruelingReal filter bags
Fruiting chamber$1,000.00OptionsNeedHardTerrariumLarge. Light source. Humid. 20-22°C.
Fruiting chamber, humidity source$720.00OptionsNeedHardUltrasonic humidifier
Fruiting chamber, hygrometer$500.00PriceNeedHardCombo w/thermometer
Fruiting chamber, temperature control$800.00OptionsNeedGrueling
Fruiting chamber, thermometer$30.00NeedWantEasyInfrared thermometer
Inoculation syringe$60.00NeedNeedHard
Spore prints, bags$50.00PriceNeedModerate
Spore prints, container for making$200.00NeedModerateAutoclavable
Storage container$200.00NeedHardAutoclavable
Substrate, rye$50.00OptionsWantGrueling
Thermometer, infrared gun$700.00OptionsWantHardInstead of multiple thermometers in different places
Transportation, projected$120.00NeedModerate

You can help by sending me equipment

There are at least three ways you can help me make this medicine that will cure me.

  1. Mail or buy the equipment I need
  2. Help me find less expensive alternatives
  3. Support me through PayPal

Past costs

ItemMXN$ReviewStatusEase to get?AlternativesNotes
Agar, potato dextrose$1,370.00HaveDon't ask
Aluminum foil$29.50HaveEasyReal lab equipment
Cardboard boxes$0.00HaveEasyReal lab equipment
Colonizing chamber$127.00HaveAnnoyingTerrariumHomemade
Colonizing chamber, heat source$250.00HaveModerateAquarium heater/thermostat & casserole dish. Humidity=100%?
Colonizing chamber, humidity source$35.50HaveModerateReturn plastic bucketTezontle. Aquarium heater in a dish
Colonizing chamber, hygrometer$110.00HaveDifficultAnalog: poor accuracy
Colonizing chamber, thermometer$30.00HaveEasy
Disinfectant spray$51.50HaveEasy
Duct tape$109.00HaveEasy
Electricity$0.00HaveAm I homeless?
Fruiting body samples$250.00BreakageFuck youSpoiled because I couldn't afford the equipment to use them
Glass jar, 235 ml$13.50BreakageModerateShattered on stove
Glass jars, 4, ~200ml$0.00HaveModerate
Gloves, sterile, 5 pairs, disposable$30.00HaveEasy
Grinder, manual$370.00HaveDifficultFinding good substrateGrinding rice & substrate into flour
Heat mat$380.00UseHaveModerateIt was heat source in agar chamber but has no thermostat
Heating element for mugs$21.50BreakageEasyMake tea for QueenFirst try @ heat and humidity source, but too crappy to work
Inoculation loop (zit popper)$0.00HaveVery difficultReal lab equipment
Lighter$12.50HaveEasyReal stove
Measuring cup$22.00HaveEasy
Measuring spoons$30.00HaveEasy
Microporous tape$6.50HaveEasy
Petri dishes, glass, 4$152.00HaveVery difficultDisposable
Plastic wrap$15.50HaveEasyReal lab equipment
Polyfil$25.00HaveEasyReal lab equipmentA poor man's microbe filter
Pressure cooker, 7L$499.50HaveModerate
Pressure cooker, internal stand$17.00HaveModerate
Pressure cooker, rubber seal$81.00HaveDifficult
Silicone sealant, high heat$42.00BreakageVery difficultReal stoveStove is hotter than 500°F!
Spore printBloodBreakageI almost diedContaminated by time I used it
Spore-filled syringe, 10ml$215.50HaveVery difficult
Storage, desiccant$25.00HaveModerate
Stove, beverage can$4.00HaveBad symptoms?Real stove
Stove, liquid alcohol fuel$86.00HaveModerateReal stove
Stove, solid alcohol$12.00HaveEasyReal stove
Substrate container, 2$354.50HaveVery difficultReal filter boxes
Substrate, oats$16.90OptionsHaveEasy
Substrate, rice flour, white$15.40BreakageModerateNeed whole grain
Substrate, rye flour$41.00OptionsHaveVery difficult
Substrate, tezontle$89.00HaveEasyPerlite
Substrate, vermiculite$137.50HaveDifficult
Substrate, whole grain brown rice$19.80OptionsHaveEasy
Super glue$90.00HaveEasy
Transportation, to date$635.00HaveModerate
Utility razors$33.50HaveEasyReal lab equipment

Steps to produce psilocybin

I clarified the steps.

  1. Sterilize equipment
  2. Grow mycelium in agar using fruiting bodies or spores
  3. Prepare substrate in container
  4. Add mycelium to substrate container
  5. Put substrate container into colonizing chamber
  6. When substrate is fully colonized, add sterile water
  7. Put fully colonized substrate container into fruiting chamber
  8. Preserve the best spores as spore prints
  9. Harvest and preserve fruit bodies

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