Once more, with less feeling

I do not have basic survival needs. I don’t have security of my possessions, which is how someone is able to steal my shoes while I am sleeping and my shoes were between me and the wall. It’s how someone was able to steal a cup with coins in it, while I was sleeping and while the street was full of people. It’s how someone was able to steal my telephone from my hands on a busy Friday night with the street full of people and most of those people knew about me and looked out for me. I have four meals sitting next to me, for example, because so many people have stopped and given me food today. But I don’t have security of my possessions. I desperately tried to get the police to investigate and they refused and laughed in my face.

If I don’t have security of my possessions, I don’t have security of my person.

I can’t survive if I am continually robbed.

I was trained in US criminal law, international criminal law, and Chinese criminal law. I have experience prosecuting an unusually broad set of crimes. I’m pretty smart. But I don’t know how to use crime to survive. I guess that is a skill a person must develop.

I don’t yet have my symptoms reduced enough that I can handle barking dogs. They cause me to be catatonic. Other noises also cause it, but barking dogs are the worst. It’s difficult to find housing that blocks enough noise that I don’t hear dogs. If I stay here, where there are no dogs, I’ll die by attrition. If I live in a house, I’ll die of catatonia and lack of medicine.

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