Healthcare is a right

Posted: 08 January 2018
Updated: 23 April 2018

Not enough food, so nightmares

I have not eaten enough for four days, so I have not taken venlafaxine twice per day, so the nightmares started. Yesterday, I tried begging for food. This tweet tells the tale.

Poverty is a crime. I made a Spanish sign asking for food. I quietly sat in front of a grocery store. A manager told me to leave. In Mexico, outside of stores, aggressive panhandling and aggressive sidewalk vendors are common. Humiliated, hungry & broke.

— Hunter Hogan NOW (@HunterHoganNOW) January 8, 2018

If I don’t pay rent in two days, I’ll be homeless again. If I don’t have an apartment, I can’t make the psilocybin that will cure me.

Do you want me to steal the money I need?

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