The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry

Posted: 05 March 2018
Updated: 05 March 2018

No food. No money.

PayPal balance $2.50
  1. PayPal balance: US$2.50
  2. Cash: MXN$241 (US$12.56)
  3. I need food.
  4. I need venlafaxine. MXN$387 (US$20.16)
  5. I need diazepam. MXN$589 (US$30.69)
  6. I need allergy pills. (Mold grows on my apartment walls.)
  7. I need ibuprofen.
  8. On 11 March, I will need rent. MXN$1200 (US$62.52)
  9. On 12 March, I will need modafinil. MXN$1400 (US$72.94)
  10. If I can survive for three months, then maybe I can get enough psilocybin to start curing my illnesses.

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