The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry

Posted: 14 December 2017
Updated: 25 March 2018

My father is delusional

A friend sent me US$10 then $52. They wrote, “Hey mate it’s me again – sorry I know it’s not enough but I’m student in somewhat poor country so I’m not exactly too rich either.” Note that they didn’t send $50, they sent as much as they could.

My father wrote, “I will help you get the food, shelter and medicine you need.” He sent me $25. That doesn’t get me “the food, shelter and medicine” I need.

This is classic manipulative behavior, and I told you he would do this. “Furthermore, he will probably send a small amount of money to me before my card is deactivated.”

He doesn’t care if I suffer or if I die. He has his own agenda, and he only wants to manipulate me into dancing to his music. It’s simple and easy for him to help me: send me the money I must have to heal.

You can help me heal and to escape the abusive, manipulative actions of my father. PayPal.

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