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Posted: 01 September 2019
Updated: 01 September 2019

Monday money

One month of: (Mexican pesos)

  1. Lorazepam $713
  2. Alprazolam $595
  3. L-Tryptophan $203
  4. Modafinil $1,194
  5. Venlafaxine $254
  6. Loratadine $32
  7. Phone and internet $150

One week of:

  1. This hostel. I need a place to sleep that is better. But this place is $1,281.
  2. Food. $1,526.

Zero days of:

  1. Bupropion $1,734, discontinuing use again because of severe side effects.
  2. L-Phenylalanine and L-Tyrosine. I must order from the US and because of shipping costs the minimum order is US$100. I’m not a moron: I know that I won’t get enough money for these.
  3. Shoes
  4. Socks
  5. Therapeutic massage for my ceaseless pain. A full-body massage is MXN$400, which is US$22.22. What I really need is to go to physical therapy again. In the past, I’ve had physical therapy for my shoulders and my lower back. My current pain includes re-injuring my right shoulder and my lower back.


I needed two hours to write this post because my symptoms have been forcing my to sleep.


  1. MXN$5,898 total.
  2. Converts to US$327.67 after fees.
  3. I have US$43.65.
  4. In all of August 2019, I only had enough money to spend US$664 on everything, including: food, medicine, and shelter. I didn’t eat enough food. I didn’t have enough medicine.
  5. Until 8 September 2019, you can contribute to a money pool. At any time, you can the see how much is in the pool.

We can cure my illness and my poverty if you support my recovery.

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