The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry

Posted: 18 January 2018
Updated: 18 January 2018

Many short updates via Twitter

Short, timely updates on @HunterHoganNOW

I have restarted using Twitter for short updates. Furthermore, it’s emotionally easier for me to write a tweet than a blog post, so the tweets are more timely.

For you, a 280 character tweet is easier to read than one of my long blogs. I’m posting timely updates on the account @HunterHoganNOW. Please follow that account.

Less important tweets on @HunterThinksCom and @HunterHogan

I have two other Twitter accounts, but they are not as important. When I edit an existing page on my website, a program will automatically tweet a notice on @HunterThinksCom. If changes to my site interest you, then follow that account. @HunterHogan is my personal account. That account doesn’t have a defined role in my current plans, but if I were to use Twitter in a more typical way, I assume I would tweet on that account. I don’t have a reason why you should follow that account, but it’s available.

Recent updates you might have missed

Seriously, making this blog post took two hours when I believed it would take 15 minutes. That’s an unintentional example of why I am using Twitter more often. Please follow @HunterHoganNOW. Thank you.