Healthcare is a right

Posted: 15 January 2015
Updated: 13 December 2017

My life, by analogy

I have failed to adequately explain my life, especially my experiences of the last five years. The following documentary about Aaron Swartz depicts a life that is analogous to my life in many ways. Many of the things that have happened in the last five years are difficult to believe are possible in modern America. The outrageous actions of the government in Aaron Swartz’s case are not rare. I worked as a prosecutor, and I witnessed things that should not happen in a proper legal system. I know these abuses are real, and I actively refused to participate in them when I was a prosecutor. When my own government violated the law in its inexplicable effort to destroy my life, very few people believed it was happening, and even fewer helped me defend myself against the criminal actions of the government.

Watch the documentary. Understand that our legal system is not fair. Believe that the government regularly breaks the law. See how it affected Aaron Swartz. After you watch it, you will not better understand the details of my life, but you will believe that the shocking abuses that I say have happened really did happen.

I was in the legal system actively protecting the People of the State of Illinois from abuses such as these. When the government abuses its power and violates your rights, or your friend’s rights, or your mother’s rights, who will help fight back? Because I am currently too weak, you will have one less ally to protect you and your family.

If you want to protect yourself and your family from abuses such as this, you should help me recover so that I can once again have a real and noticeable impact on fairness and equality.