Just the facts


  1. I’m in a hostel that is the quietest place I have slept in Mexico.
  2. I have physical safety and security of my possessions.
  3. I don’t have alprazolam, but I have all other medicines and vitamins.
  4. I know two major, biological causes of my symptoms: low dopamine activation and 5HT2A receptor dysfunction.
  5. I have reduced my symptoms with a medicine that increases dopamine activation.
  6. I am still researching how to address 5HT2A receptor dysfunction. If I can improve the function, it will improve my depression symptoms.
  7. Every morning, I don’t have to pack everything I own.
  8. I don’t have to take everything I own when I go eat.
  9. I don’t have to take everything I own when I need the bathroom.
  10. I have some money for food, but I am not eating enough.
  11. I spent one-half of a day training someone to sharpen knives with my equipment, but he decided to take a different job.

Starting in three days

  1. Sleeping outside: I don’t know where.
  2. Less safety and security.
  3. Five to ten days of the most important medicines: venlafaxine, modafinil, bupropion, diazepam, and vitamin B.
  4. No money for food.

The simplest option

  1. If I prepay for this hostel, it is MXN$2500 (US$135.33) for one month.
  2. During the next month, I only buy the medicines that I run out of.
  3. Eat more often and eat better food. There is a grocery store within walking distance.
  4. Continue researching 5HT2A receptor dysfunction and possibly find an accessible therapy.
  5. Continue researching low dopamine activation. Other therapies exist and one of them might be more effective instead of bupropion or with bupropion.
  6. Continue looking for a way to earn money despite my illnesses and poverty.
  7. Patch the holes in my clothes before the holes get bigger and I must buy new clothes.

I calculate US$581 for one month. On Saturday 11 August 2018, I must pay for the hostel or go back to the street. So anyone can see my progress towards what I need, I have set up a PayPal “Money Pool”.

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