Healthcare is a right

Posted: 02 April 2019
Updated: 02 April 2019

Is suicide the path of least resistance?

I don’t have any money. I don’t have a place to sleep. I must leave this hotel in less than three hours. I don’t have any of the medicines I need. Without medicine, I cannot eat. I was at a disgusting hostel a few nights ago, at 1 a.m., I turned off the overhead lights, the employee didn’t like that and kicked me out. People still rob me and attack me. So, I will die from starvation, from lack of control over my environment, or die from violence.

I am trying to think of anything to do right now. Consider two options: self-surgery on my tumor or suicide. Suicide is less work and less painful. I do not have any options that are obviously better than self-surgery. If you automatically assume I have a better option and you refuse to critically consider whether or not I have a better option, then you are part of the problem.

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