千里之行, 始于足下

Posted: 29 April 2017
Updated: 15 July 2017

Injuries invisible

  1. My injuries are invisible to other people: severe depression, generalized anxiety disorder, complex post traumatic stress disorder, and panic disorder.
  2. People understand visible health problems: broken bones or influenza.
  3. Some health problems are invisible, such as diabetes, but people can understand them by accessing​ cultural knowledge.
  4. I tried to make my health problems visible.
  5. I tried to help people understand my invisible injuries.
  6. As of April 2017, I accept that I failed.

Honesty and radical openness: “It’s too much!”

  1. At 10 years old, I vowed to not lie.
  2. By 20 years old, my childish ideal had evolved: I aspired to not lie, to tell the truth, and to be open.
  3. For 31 years, I have devoted significant resources to developing and practicing this ideal.
  4. When trying to make my health problems visible and helping people understand my invisible injuries​, I was honest and radically​ open.
  5. It failed. A common response was, “It’s too much!”
  6. My ideal of truth, non-lying, and openness contributed to the destruction of my health and my life.
  7. I shall change this ideal.
  8. I have no predictions about the process or result of changing this major foundation of my character.