The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry

Posted: 28 April 2018
Updated: 01 September 2018

How would you describe me to a stranger?

You can help me a lot by giving me 10 minutes

I have read more about fundraising, and I will adapt ideas from Patreon. I plan to make a page with four sections.

  1. Introduce myself
  2. Why am I asking for money?
  3. What will the money buy?
  4. Donation button

I want your help introducing myself. About introducing myself, Patreon says, “Not everyone who lands on your page will know who you are, so make sure to start your description with a little bit about who you are . . . .” (Text as of 28 April 2018.)

Patreon also says, “. . . keep your description as succinct as possible.” This will be difficult for me. Finally, Patreon wisely says, “Hyperlinks can be great when you’re trying to [describe yourself], but by limiting the number of . . . link[s] off of your page, you are increasing the amount of viewers staying on your page.”

I can better understand how to introduce myself if you tell me how you would describe me to a stranger. Please take a few minutes to tell me. You can either email me or you can use this form to send me an encrypted message.

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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!