Healthcare is a right

Posted: 25 January 2013
Updated: 05 January 2018

Extension of time for a legal filing; missing Jenna

A couple of years ago, my family was upset with me because I wasn’t communicating with them enough, so I started sending them emails about what was happening in my life. A couple of months later, my dad criticized me because I only talked about negative things. Yeah, Dad, that’s why I wasn’t saying much to begin with: my life is full of negative things and very few positive things.

On this website, I talk about a lot of negative things, but the truly sad part is that I only talk about a fraction of the negative things in my life. I try to be stoic, and I try not to disappoint my dad and other people who feel the way he feels.

Today, I mailed a request for an extension of time to write a legal document. The document is here, the page that has a chronological list of many documents is here, and while my website is a huge mess, the best introductory page is probably this one.

Jenna tangled in her leash

The picture is of Jenna. She died two days ago and I can’t stop crying; as weird as it sounds, I explain more in the request for an extension of time (above). She was so full of energy and she was faster than a jack rabbit, but she did not understand the basics of how a leash worked.