Even in online games, I am compelled to act

In 2010, as a coping mechanism, I played an online game, Caesary. Players can join leagues, and most do because there are advantages within the game when in a league. Leagues have different roles with different league powers, such as kicking a player out of the league. I was in a unique league that instead of having permanent leaders, we rotated the leadership position.

One day, I was the league leader and another league player, MalfSemiRt, said some disturbing things about a player, Lenka, in a different league. I was pretty sure I was going to kick him out of our league, but I wanted to make sure I understood everything first. In our league chat room I asked him questions: the entire league could see the following conversation.

Chat transcript

[HunterHogan]: malf, i’m not sure I understand everything about lenka. can i ask you some questions?
[MalfSemiRt]: sure
[MalfSemiRt]: wassup
[HunterHogan]: You said you know Lenka in real life, right?
[MalfSemiRt]: yes
[MalfSemiRt]: shes in Czech and under-age
[HunterHogan]: how old is she?
[MalfSemiRt]: u have to ask her
[HunterHogan]: You said that she cannot beat you in this game because you know her in real life?
[MalfSemiRt]: basically she thought i am in this game for the winning of armies
[HunterHogan]: the other day, you said she was attractive. i think you said she was a babe
[MalfSemiRt]: myself, the rest of others, have gone back to work, universities, etc.
[MalfSemiRt]: so we keep in touch in mails
[MalfSemiRt]: yup
[MalfSemiRt]: she is a babe
[MalfSemiRt]: not was
[HunterHogan]: You’ve been attacking her and messing with her since the LOSE war. When was that? july August?
[MalfSemiRt]: around there
[MalfSemiRt]: Drewnik, Buckley, are all from LOSE
[MalfSemiRt]: and no
[MalfSemiRt]: i dont mess with her
[MalfSemiRt]: she mess with me
[HunterHogan]: recently, you put a bunch of cities next to her. i can’t remember what you named them, but they were something like “I Love You Lenka”
[MalfSemiRt]: ooh ya
[MalfSemiRt]: ILuvULenk
[HunterHogan]: she told you that she didn’t like it, but you kept doing it?
[MalfSemiRt]: she told me a lot of things
[MalfSemiRt]: from the beginning
[MalfSemiRt]: so what is your case….
[HunterHogan]: Host HunterHogan has set MalfSemiRt into Regular.
[HunterHogan]: HunterHogan has kicked MalfSemiRt out of the league.

Responses to my kick

[ToKillaDead]: well done
[Buckley]: well done
[Debaser] says to you: i gathered the pervness, yeah, but i just didn’t understand the Elite connection. i get it now. good call. (Reply)
[Wesley] says to you: Yeah, i see why you kicked him =) (Reply)
[CColz17] says to you: thats the best thing you have ever done (Reply)
[Emlyn]: I have to say that with what I saw, kicking him immediately was the best move. See you all around.

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