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Posted: 22 March 2017
Updated: 22 March 2017

Deathwatch 2017: raw figures

  1. Thank you to the one friend who sent some cash.
  2. Thank you to my dad for sending me $20.
  3. Cash: MXN$2405
  4. PayPal: US$45.72
  5. Lodging: paid through the morning of Monday 27 March 2017
  6. Food: sufficient until Monday 27 March 2017
  7. Medicine: need to buy alprazolam in four to seven days, MXN$563.50. I’m already rationing it, which as I explained in a previous post, is not good.
  8. Lodging: to lower my lodging cost, I must have enough cash to prepay for a month plus a deposit. I don’t have that. This is the problem I have mentioned over the years: poverty is expensive. Also, as I (partially) explained in the last post, one of the hidden costs of improper lodging is stress from noise, which lowers my ability to fix my life.
  9. Food: without lodging that has a refrigerator and kitchen, my food costs go up and my diet gets worse. Again, poverty is expensive.
  10. Some other one-time costs, without explanation:
    1. Gloves
    2. Underwear
    3. Fix sleeping bag
    4. Remove tumor on my chest
    5. Substantial dental care
    6. Possibly broken finger
    7. Glasses
    8. Long term gastrointestinal problems that new technology might cure
    9. Fine from Mexican government for overstaying my visa
  11. Exchange rate: it was above 20 pesos per dollar. My most recent posts about my budget assumed 19.50 pesos per dollar, but the exchange rate is not moving in my favor: today it’s 19 pesos per dollar.


You can send me $0.99 per day.


My PayPal address:


I have a budget and a plan if I can get enough people to sign up to send money periodically. (Or if I magically had US$10,000.)

I don’t have a plan for Monday 27 March 2017 if my financial situation doesn’t substantially change.

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