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Posted: 15 March 2017
Updated: 15 March 2017

Deathwatch 2017: great news and the bad news that destroys it

  1. After much difficulty and many months (because of my health), starting two days ago, I am paying someone to help me prepare meals and do other basic tasks.
  2. Prior to her help, I had multiple problems ​with food:
    1. Not eating enough each day
    2. Not eating on a regular schedule
    3. All decisions about food caused me stress
    4. To make or buy food required a ton of energy and time (which I then couldn’t use for other things)
    5. My poor diet was bad for my health and amplified my symptoms, which created a vicious cycle of increased stress and consumption of more time and energy
    6. I ate low nutrition foods
    7. The cost of food was much higher than it should be
  3. If I categorize the money I pay her as a food cost, my total food costs are still lower now than before.
  4. In addition to saving money, I get other benefits related to food issues:
    1. I’m eating more
    2. My meal schedule is improving
    3. Much less stress about food
    4. I used the time and energy to do other things
    5. Breaking the vicious cycle
    6. Better nutrition
    7. (Reminder: all for less money)
  5. With her help, my productivity in two days is comparable to my productivity to the previous four weeks.
  6. She also helped me clean and organize my stuff. That reduced my stress and made me more productive, which is a virtuous cycle of lowering stress and increasing my strength.
  7. Because I categorize the money I pay her as a food cost, those additional benefits are basically free.

This life improvement and cost savings is fantastic, but I can’t afford the savings and I won’t survive without the improvement

  1. Recurring monthly income: $262.90
  2. Recurring expenses, 2017 March: $680.17
  3. Deficit, 2017 March: $417.27
  4. By the end of the month, I will have zero dollars, so this improvement will end.
  5. If I have enough money for March, April is still a problem.
  6. Recurring expenses, 2017 April: $583.44, a 14.3% cost savings
  7. Nevertheless, deficit, 2017 April: $320.54
  8. As I explained in a previous post, if I know I don’t have enough money for April, then I would be a fool in March if I ate three meals a day and took my medicine as directed by my doctors.
  9. I need immediate help, but I also need security that I won’t have another crisis next month.

I need your help

My energy is nearly sapped right now, so here is one button to help me destroy the deficit with $0.99 per day.

$0.99/day (365 days/12 mo.)

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