The cost to make my cure

This post has a lot of data. Summary: to make significant progress towards recovering, I need your help to buy equipment that costs approximately US$92.52.

Steps to produce psilocybin

  1. Sterilize equipment
  2. Prepare “seed” from fruiting bodies or from spores
  3. Prepare substrate in container
  4. Add the “seed” to the substrate container
  5. Put seeded substrate container into colonizing chamber
  6. When substrate is fully colonized, add sterile water
  7. Put fully colonized substrate container into fruiting chamber
  8. Use spores and fruiting bodies to create new “seed”
  9. Harvest and preserve fruit bodies

Equipment cost and status

The equipment is generally arranged in chronological order of when I need it. I spent many hours converting all of my notes and documentation into the following table. (In the future, updating the table should take only a fraction of the time.) The table is not perfect because if I don’t post anything, then you won’t know my situation.

ItemMXN$StatusImportanceEase to get?Step 123456789Item's options or alternative itemsOther notes
Lighter$12HaveEssentialEasy1236789Real stoveFlame sterilize blades
Beverage-can stove$0HaveEssentialBad symptoms?1236789Real stoveHeat for pressure cooker
Pressure cooker insert under itemsResearchWantLowModerate123679PolyfilPrevents direct heat of items in pressure cooker
Pressure cooker, 7L$500HaveEssentialWhat quality?123679Better pressure cooker or real autoclave
Alcohol fuel for stove (per litre)$40NeedEssentialModerate123689Real stoveMy apartment doesn't have a stove, so I must use my beverage-can camping stove
Disinfectant$50NeedHighModerate12456789Many optionsUse on many surfaces
Epoxy, high heat$37NeedEssentialDifficult1NoMake high-performance stove: more heat, less fuel
Transportation, projected$300NeedEssentialModerate1NoPostal couriers won't deliver to my apartment
Transportation, to date$460HaveEssentialModerate1NoPostal couriers won't deliver to my apartment
Measuring cup$22HaveEssentialEasy236Autoclavable
Sterile glovesResearchNeedEssentialResearch2456789ResearchReduce contamination. Disposable or autoclavable?
Cardboard boxes$0NeedEssentialEasy24689Many ways to improveStill air box
Plastic wrap$20HaveHighEasy24689Real lab equipmentStill air box
Electricity$0HaveEssentialAm I homeless?2579No
Thermostat, colonizing chamberResearchWantUsefulResearch25Use thermometer & make changesMycelium cell death at 33°C
Glass jar, 235 ml$14HaveEssentialModerate26Autoclavable
Larger container for liquidsResearchResearchResearchResearch26Some optionsGlass jar is only 235ml, but autoclavable; measuring cup is 1L, but plastic and I'm unsure if autoclavable
Thermostat, fruiting chamberResearchWantHighResearch27Use thermometer & make changesMycelium cell death at 33°C; ideal temperature 20-22°; yield reduced above that
Agar chamber: styrofoam ice cooler$39HaveEssentialEasy2Many ways to improveCheap and insulated
Spore printBloodUsedEssentialI almost died2Time travelContaminated by time I used it
Thermostat, agar chamberResearchResearchUsefulResearch2Combine agar and colonizing chambersHeating mat heats to over 30°C, but agar must be 24-27°; death at 33°
Agar, potato dextrose $1,370 HaveEssentialDon't ask2UnnecessaryIncreases yield, reduces time, easier to detect contamination
Measuring spoons$30HaveEssentialEasy2Autoclavable; higher qualityMeasure liquid agar
Polyfil$25HaveUsefulEasy2Real lab equipment
Petri dishes, glass, 4$152HaveEssentialVery difficult2NoAutoclavable
Scale$500NeedEssentialDifficult2Limited selection in townSensitive to 0.01g
Fruiting body samples$250SpoiledEssentialFuck you2Time travelSpoiled because I couldn't afford the equipment to use them
Heat mat, agar chamber$380HaveEssentialI got lucky2Add thermostat
Spore syringe, 10ml$216OrderedEssentialVery difficult2Money and shipping-time are problems
Thermometer, agar chamber$30HaveHighModerate2Move one thermometer aroundMycelium cell death at 33°C
Tezontle$89HaveHighEasy35PerliteHelps increase humidity and protect mycelium from for; not as good as perlite
RyeResearchResearchLowResearch3ProbablyIncrease yield?
Thermometer, substrate containerResearchWantUsefulResearch3Some optionsMore accurate monitoring
Organic brown rice flourResearchNeedEssentialResearch3Yes, but noMost common substrate
Vermiculite$138OrderedEssentialDifficult3Yes, but noMost common substrate
Filter boxesResearchNeedEssentialVery difficult3Alternative antimicrobial filter systemSubstrate container must exchange oxygen without contamination
Utility razors$34HaveUsefulEasy489Scalpel, knife, sampling tool.Reduce contamination
Inoculation syringeResearchResearchEssentialResearch4No alternativeOrdered spores are in syringe: autoclavable? Is there a reusable option?
Thermometer, colonizing chamber$30ResearchHighModerate5Move one thermometer aroundCombine agar and colonizing chambers?
Colonizing chamberResearchNeedEssentialResearch5Many optionsDepends on substrate container and other variables
Hygrometer, colonizing chamber$110HaveHighI got lucky5Yes, for more $Humidity for colonization must be ≥95%; analog: unsure of accuracy
Heat source, colonizing chamberResearchResearchEssentialResearch5Some optionsIdeally with a thermostat; reuse heat mat for agar?; combine agar and colonizing chambers?
Humidity source, colonizing chamberResearchResearchEssentialResearch5ResearchIs tezontle sufficient?
Fruiting chamberResearchNeedEssentialResearch7Some optionsDifferent requirements than colonizing chamber; many variables
Filter bagsResearchNeedEssentialVery difficult7Alternative antimicrobial filter systemFruiting stage needs more space, light & O2, without contamination
Hygrometer, fruiting chamber$110WantHighWhat quality?7Combo thermometer & hygrometerHumidity for fruiting must be ≥95%
Humidity source, fruiting chamberResearchResearchEssentialResearch7ResearchIs tezontle sufficient?
Thermometer, fruiting chamber$30WantHighModerate7Move one thermometer aroundMycelium cell death at 33°C; ideal temperature 20-22°; yield reduced above that
Spore prints, container for makingResearchNeedEssentialResearch8Some optionsAutoclavable
Spore prints, sterile paperResearchNeedEssentialResearch8Research
Spore prints, sterile bagsResearchNeedEssentialResearch8Research
Food dehydrator$1,800 NeedEssentialModerate9MaybeThis area has high humidity, so air drying is not an option
Silica gelResearchNeedEssentialVery difficult9Epsom saltsAbsorbs moisture
Storage container, autoclavableResearchNeedEssentialResearch9Research
Heating element for mugs$22HaveUselessWho cares?Make coffeeFailed attempt to save money: wanted to increase heat and humidity
Duct tape$0HaveEssentialEasyNoIf I must explain the versatility of duct tape, then you will never understand

Immediate needs

Because my spores were contaminated, I had to order spores from the internet. The spores and the vermiculite should arrive in a few days. When they arrive, I need to do Steps 3, 4 & 5 from the above list. I need to buy equipment to complete those steps, but I don’t have enough money.

My minimum needs

When cultivating mushrooms, risk of failure includes: contamination (this must be taken seriously), dehydration, rot from excess water, death from high temperature, and low yield from low temperature. More precautions reduces those risks. The following table lists the equipment I need, at a minimum, to be successful. For some items, I estimated the costs.

Alcohol fuel for stove, 1L$40
Epoxy, high heat$37
Sterile gloves, disposable$30
Cardboard boxes$0
Organic brown rice flour$50
Filter box$300
Colonizing chamber$100

Reducing the risk of failure

With a few more items or by using higher quality items, I can significantly reduce my risk of failure. If this attempt fails, then it wastes money and delays my recovery. The next table estimates some costs.

Pressure cooker insert under items$30
Alcohol fuel for stove, 1L$40
Epoxy, high heat$37
Sterile gloves, disposable$30
Cardboard boxes$0
Thermostat, colonizing chamber$450
Thermometer, substrate container$50
Organic brown rice flour$50
Filter box$300
Colonizing chamber$100
Humidity source, colonizing chamber$450

Exchange rate, ATM fee, and PayPal fees

Some good news: the Mexican peso recently weakened versus the US dollar. However, PayPal charges me fees for multiple things and I must pay a fee at Mexican ATMs. Based on today’s rates and fees, I calculate the above amounts in US dollars as: US$37.33 to US$92.52.

This is my chance to recover. Please support my return to society. PayPal account: [email protected]

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