Consumable items I use

I made this list to keep track of the things I consume and need to restock. I will often be in places that it might be hard to buy some of these things, so I keep this list in my notebook and check it from time-to-time to make sure I have enough supplies. My primary issue right now is healing from my disorders, so the list of medicine is longer than it would be for a typical hiker. This list is also my greatest expenses. The modafinil is one of my largest expenses, and once I spend most of my time camping and prepare most of my own meals, it will easily be my single largest expense.

  1. Medicine
    1. Alprazolam
    2. Antibiotic cream
    3. Anti-diarrhea
    4. Anti-histamine
    5. Bandages
    6. Diazepam
    7. Ibuprofen
    8. Modafinil
    9. Omeprazole
    10. Sunblock
    11. Venlafaxine
    12. Vitamin B
  2. Toiletries
    1. Deodorant
    2. Floss
    3. Q-tips
    4. Razor blades
    5. Soap
    6. Toilet paper
  3. Miscellaneous
    1. Batteries: AAA for headlamp
    2. Duct tape
    3. Lighter
    4. Pen
    5. Paper
    6. Thread

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