For Christmas, I want health, not weekly welfare

  1. I have health problems that prevent me from working.
  2. My health problems can be cured, but I cannot afford the treatment.
  3. Before I knew of a cure, I asked people for weekly support. I don’t want weekly support anymore: I want the cure.
  4. I started a hunger strike.
  5. Most people didn’t know what a hunger strike is.
  6. Continuing it would have been pointless.
  7. I tried to make the psilocybin to cure my health, but because I have had to wait for months (due to lack of money), my samples were contaminated (see #8). See photo and section, below.
  8. I don’t have any more spores. I don’t have any mushrooms to use to start a new culture.
  9. I can heal. I only need the following.
    1. Medicine to manage my symptoms. Without this, I can’t eat or sleep, and I certainly can’t make psilocybin.
    2. Shelter for safety, to cook food, and to make psilocybin.
    3. Food.
    4. Some more equipment for making psilocybin. I already have some of the most important and most difficult to find items.
    5. Spores and/or fruiting bodies to start the culture(s).
    6. Some miscellaneous items and services. Every item of clothing I own, for example, needs to be repaired or replaced.
    7. Time. From the time I start a healthy culture to the moment I have my first batch of psilocybin is 36 days—if nothing goes wrong. After I start taking the psilocybin, my symptoms should be noticeably reduced after 14 days. Because my health condition is severe, it’s not clear how long I will need to fully heal, but I should be able to start making money before I am completely healed.
  10. Please help me to heal, PayPal [email protected]

Contaminated spores

  1. The photo is of a glass Petri dish with agar.
  2. The camera is horrible, so I increased the color saturation and contrast to make it easier to see the details.
  3. The dish and agar were both properly sterilized.
  4. I added spores from a spore print I made a few months ago. Like all psilocybin spores, they are purple. In the photo, they look black and are concentrated below the center of the dish.
  5. The agar is nearly transparent. In the photo, the only agar that is unchanged is a small area at the top of the dish slightly right of the center.
  6. If the spores were not contaminated, then they would produce white mycelium in a few more days. Enough time has not passed for mycelium to grow, therefore the white spots are contamination.
  7. All of the other colors are different bacteria, fungi, and other contaminates.

Petri dishes with contaminated spores

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